Sharon Moseley Art

Colour pencil artist with a passion for creating realistic portraits and artwork.

A little bit about me. I stumbled across colour pencils during the 2020 lock down at the age of 49 and  this subsequently ignited a fire in my belly that had been waiting patiently over the years to be found.  My only experience with this medium was either in my high school art classes in the late 80s, colouring books as a youngster or with my grandchildren.

Inspired so much by the realistic drawings I came across, I set about on new journey of self-discovery of learning with the aim of realism being my style and I’m absolutely loving every minute. When undertaking commissions my favourite part is seeing or reading about my clients reaction that makes them happy. I cannot describe in words the joy that brings.

Having entered into this fantastic world, I have an eagerness to learn more and I have so many ideas I want to create and fulfil and inspire others, I hope you will join me on the journey.


Harvey, my drawing companion.